I read Jon Krakauer’s book “Into the Wild” when I was 15. There’s a line that says “The core of a man’s spirit comes from new experiences”. I took these words up as my personal mantra - a declaration to dive head first into the unknown. To spend my life exploring far and exotic, beautiful and entrancing corners of our planet. This mindset has swept me around the world in a whirlwind of profound inspiration and growth. My photography is my journal through this transformative quest.

My mission sharing these photos is to inspire moments of reflection and discovery into the world for you, as these lived moments have done for me. A visual escape on a vessel of senses and emotion. 



2022 - Whole Planet  - EXODUS series photographs auctioned at Party with a Purpose

2022 - Mount Kilimanjaro

2022 - Nature Earth and Environment Journal - Artwork feature

2022 - Nature Ecology and Evolution Journal - Photo feature

2022 - Fourwards Movement Card Deck - Product design for Hero's Journey Card Deck

2021 - COP26 Glasgow - Landscape conservation artwork displayed at climate conference

2021 - Ride Across America 2021 - Expedition athlete’s bike ride across USA for mental health

2020 - Food and Beverage Magazine - May 2021  issue cover edit

2019 - Arctic Expedition - Photojournalist for National Science Foundation climate research grant 

2018 - Patagonia Expedition - Photojournalist for National Geographic climate research grant 

2018 - Nature Climate Change - Artwork feature in scientific journal

2017 - Circumnavigation of Globe - 23,911 nautical miles



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