[Genius Loci - "Spirit of the Place."  In classical Roman religion, genius loci was the protective spirit of a place.]

The Maasai name for Kilimanjaro’s western summit is “Ngaje Ngai” - The House Of God. In August 2022, I traveled to this mountain with three friends - Cody, Joe, and Weston. Cody's grandfather, Forrest, always dreamed of climbing to Kilimanjaro's 19,341 foot peak. We were there to carry his ashes to the roof of Africa. As we ascended Barranco Wall on day four of our trek, Cody faced death. While the cliffside emergency unfolded and our friend slipped out of consciousness, my instinct reaction was prayer. Something I had not done in a long time. Genius Loci. Waiting for a helicopter hours later, Cody handed off his grandfather’s ashes to me and Weston and asked us to finish the mission. And so we carried Forrest’s ashes to a sunrise high above the clouds. A week long procession with inspirations on life, death, and the divine. 


Mti Mkuba Camp - 9,251 ft (Rainforest) / Shira 1 Camp - 11,500 ft (Moorlands) / Shira 2 Camp - 12,500 ft (Moorelands) / Barranco Camp - 13,044 ft (Alpine Desert) / Karanga Camp 13,331 ft (Alpine Desert) / Barafu Camp 15,331 ft (Alpine Desert) / Uhuru Peak - 19,341 ft (Arctic) / Mweka Camp (Rainforest)

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